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February 2022 :

Wow... it's hard to imagine that so many months have passed. It wasn't my intention to drop out of sight, but... here I am, popping my head back up out of the water! Here is some of what I have been up to:

Every industry has what is referred to as "by-products". In the lumber industry, sawdust would be a by-product. In my world of creating Coloring Books, well... not every image makes it into a book, so my by-product became "Coloring Pages". And so, I have created an "Etsy.com" shop called "Color This Page" to display and sell the PDF sets ($2 ecah). Each image is computer rendered in four variations to challenge your artistic talents.

August 2021 :

Coming soon.... Beach Houses, Puppy Dogs, Booming Blooming Flowers, a variety of inserts for your own books. And... well, you'll just have to wait and see.

July 2021 :

I admit it. I allowed life to get in the way of my creativity. But with good reason. Surgery. After 6 weeks of recovery, my energy level is back up and I feel more like myself again. So, I'm back at it. Back to the projects I've been working on... and here we go!

June 2021 :

Most of May was spent learning how to improve my journals and writing notebooks. I tweaked. I rewrote the descriptions. I created new interiors. Over and over again, until the perfectionist in me felt like I was selling a worthwhile notebook... something I would want to buy myself. I also invested time in learning "the business". Which will, realistically, be an ongoing lesson.

As May stretched into June, an idea for creating coloring books began setting roots and I went down the rabbit hole to perfect the process for developing extremely detailed adult coloring books. My first and fourth released coloring books focus on homes in the Wilmington, NC (USA) and Charleston, SC (USA) areas, respectfully. The second was focused on Wanda's garden. (thank you Wanda!) And the third featured Silhouettes and the sky beyond... Which leaves me creating more and more! There are so many topics I can transform into coloring books!

Selling anything is a "numbers game" of sorts. The more people who see the product, the more potential sales. And the whole point is selling something. Hopefully, lots of something. Then you have to consider that some people, like teachers, might want more than one copy of a particular page... perhaps to hand out as an assignment. Others may want more than one so each of their children can color the same page. Or for do-overs... As a result, the last week of June marked the launch of my coloring books on Google Play Books. Oh! Something else happened at the end of June... I sold my first book! Thank you, whoever you are!!


April 2021 :

I have spent the (entire) month of April focused on learning all about the KDP (Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing) format. "Everyone knows Kindle" for their vast collection of digital books, but they also offer Print on Demand services which allow folks like you and me to create and publish books. It sort of takes the large publishing house out of the equation. In that, you don't have to hold your breathe while you anxiously await a "yes" or "no" response to the book manuscript you spent your last $20 to mail to them. Does that mean I've written this summer's best selling beach smut paperback? No.

But I am (actually still in the process) of uploading 55 "low content" books under my Amazon Account, "Author: Brant, el". The account is so new that it might be difficult to find me, and my honest evaluation is:

"once you have a couple dozen books published,

viewing the different titles becomes tedious."

If you will, please visit my publishing website: uwriteit.com I've made it so much easier to find and select just the "write" book for you! (pun intended)

oh! Don't let me forget... if you need a custom order for a work project, or perhaps a gift, or you want your company logo on a bunch of notebooks, or just want to make a suggestion... drop me a line!

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